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Happy 2018! Okay I know everyone always has some pretty awesome New Years goals. How many of you ACTUALLY achieve all of them?! I know I have always struggled with following through. This is why I'm giving you some easy steps that I'm using this year to ensure that I hit every single one of my goals! 


First off is sharing your goals with others. This will hold you more accountable. Write them down first and then let your family and friends know! Post them on social media if you're really motivated! I will share my 5 goals with you now! 


1. Start making $5000 a month with my photography business. 

2. Gain muscle and stamina to be able to hike a 14er this summer!

3. Work on a photography project for an outdoor adventure company or environmental organization.

4. Help five people start their health and fitness journey with my online wellness business.

5. Save $5000 towards a down payment for a house!


I find it easier to achieve goals if you make them very specific with a certain number in mind!



Just writing down your goals isn't necessarily good enough. You need specific steps written down to guide you to the finish line! For example, I have written down smaller marketing goals of how I will make $5000 a month with my photography business. I aim to make 5 business connections every month, and write a simple newsletter twice a month. 



I learned about making a vision board from reading the book You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero (Please everyone go buy this book! It's a life changer!). My vision board has a whole page of what I want my life to be like a year from now. It has every detail from the money I make, to the clothes I wear and the photography gear I own. The more detailed the better! I have a list of places I WILL travel, and advertisements from the type of commercial photography I want to produce! I also have my goals and action steps from above on my vision board. The board is in my office right by my desk so I can look at it everyday. The perfect recipe for SUCCESS! 



If you haven't heard about affirmations, I suggest you jump on this bandwagon. My dear friend Jenn Ocken introduced me to them, and they are a game changer. Basically turn any negative thought you have into a positive one!

Here is an example: Being a creative entrepreneur is tough, and I am always worrying about where my next paycheck will come from.

The positive affirmation is: I am a great quality photographer and people will value my talents and send me love through high quality jobs and payments! 


Another example: I am constantly worried about not making valuable business connections that will provide me with income every month. 

Positive Affirmation: My photography talents are so valuable that I can continue to express myself creatively in order to receive new business connections on a month to month basis. I give myself a space to expand and honor the rewards of having repeat business. 


Now start working on your own affirmations, write them down on a sticky note, and put them on your bathroom mirror or in your office! 


Reaching your goals isn't a walk in the park, but having the right tools does make it a little easier and less stressful. Now everyone get out there and kick some 2018 booty!! 





You are my hero!
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